The Wasp is a character from Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and was portrayed as Hope van Dyne by Evangeline Lilly. In the comics, the original Wasp is Janet Van Dyne, mother of Hope (as portrayed in the MCU films), and is portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in the films.

In the MCU, Hope grows estranged from her father Hank Pym, takes her mother's name and begins working for the man who took over his company. In the comics, Janet and Hank are founding members of The Avengers and work together on the science behind their suits. However, Hank takes a dark turn and shrinks her. Everyone believes her dead, but she has just been in the Microverse.

In the films, Hope reunites with her father and learns that her father believes Janet can be rescued from the Quantum Realm...